An open letter to Evil Charlie

För ett tag sen fick jag några inlägg på min resdagbok där en litet kryp vid namn Evil Charlie hotade mig till livet och lovade att han skulle spåra upp mig och döda mig, och samtidigt poserade han i en svart kappa vid Havsjungfrun i Köpenhamn. Sedan dök det upp ett foto från ett snöigt Archangelsk i Ryssland, plus lite fler andefattiga hot.
Någon som vet vem det lilla äcklet är? Hör gärna av er.

An open letter to Evil Charlie

An open letter to Evil Charlie:

Now, I've seen the pics you've posted on Resdagboken and I've read your little messages saying that "you're coming for me" and "I'm going to enjoy killing you"... Well, you probably could't kill time if you tried.
Should I be shaking in my boots or something?
And did your mother make that cape for you? Oh, is she 3 feet tall with no upperlip? Yeah? Well then I fucked her once! She's a prostitute in Vietnam, right?
By the way, where the hell IS Liechtenstein? Is that on my route? I think I'm on my way to Barbados and the Philippines first. I probably get there someday. And then I take a crap on your whole country. It can't be THAT big, can it?
But remember this, if you're fucking with me, you're fucking with Lasse B, Crazy Hasse and a whole UN platoon. And Lasse B used to fuck Lill-Babs back in the days, so you know that that guy's insane!
Keep that in mind next time you post a shitty manipulated picture and make some empty threaths.
If you can't walk the walk... then lick my hairy balls.

Keep in touch.

Postat av: Angel of death

Write whutever you want little rodent, but know this! Im closer than you ever can imagen...
And by the way your little Gay-parade CREW will never know what hit them once you find them all chopped into little pieces!!! Dont mess with real EVIL! Cant wait ti´l I feel your warm blood all over my hands when I rip your heart clean out of your chest...

Ta Ta!

2007-02-21 @ 12:54:08

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